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We sustain the quality management with 4-stage tests and carry out the identification of the packaging material.

Color Perception: Colors that are used in designing the packaging material are compared with pantone values and desired pantone values are created with the latest technology color matching systems. These values are used to maintain the printing with maximum efficiency while being meticulously protected from the design to the printing process.

Cardboard Surface Gloss / Opacity Tests : During the printing process, the ink interacts with the surface to which it is coated and may create deviations in actual pantone values. The surface structure and ink absorption tolerance of the cardboard are measured in order to avoid these deviations. In this way, the actual pantone values can be obtained with overlapping prints.

(Unit Weight and Thickness Test) -Determination of Grammage : Informations regarding the packaging, stocking and shipping of a product is evaluated by our R & D department and the cardboard raw materials in the basis of maximum optimization are supplied. Edge crush resistance, drop, vertical vibration and compression tests are performed to determine the grammage of cardboard. All these tests starts from sampling to post-production.

Humidity Test of Cardboard : The cardboard has a structure that can absorb the humidity and temperature values of the environment. Considering the fact that the packaging has been exposed to different climatic conditions especially in overseas shipments, the moisture absorption values of the cardboard has high importance in the quality of the final product. The most suitable raw material in our stocks is selected and production starts with these raw materials concerning the climatic conditions of the geography where the shipment will be made.